Manage your materials
Easily and efficiently

Use MIRA Software to gain insight into the use and consumption of large and small materials in your organisation.

Material management, management of equipment and tools, follow-up of equipment and consumables

Monitoring the use and consumption of your equipment

Our material management software offers you a very quick overview of the use and consumption of your material, equipment, tools and appliances. You simply scan in and out all your material and register it by name, person, project, etc. Gain insight into the costs of your equipment. Manage maintenance, repairs, inspections, etc. Make sure your stock is always in the correct quantities, take stock of personal material, work clothes, delivery vans, etc. Who? What? Where? When? For how long? How many?

Quick and easy registration

Register usage and consumption quickly by scanning on behalf of person, shift, project, customer, …

Follow-up and consultation

Who uses what? Where? When? Overview lists help you manage your personal materials.

Cost and management

How much does our material cost and how much does it yield? Automatically calculate the cost per day, the fixed cost and the cost per employee.

Reservation and picking lists

Book materials for a certain period, project, customer… Get an immediate overview of availability from each device or appliance.

Stock management

Full stock system with alerts, history, order horizon and minimum stock where orders can be placed through order lists or order forms.

Maintenance & repairs

Plan periodic maintenance for tools or rolling stock and never miss any inspection or control. You can also register repairs and related costs.

Clear and organised in 4 modules

All features for materials management

MIRA Software consists of four modules: Registration, Reservation, Stock & orders and Maintenance. You can choose which modules you really need in your organisation. This not only makes it slim and clear, but also budget-friendly.

Discover all modules

material management via scanning
screen module consultation
monitoring of usage and consumables

Register the incoming and outgoing materials by employee, project, customer, department, company, cost center, work order, …


Book materials in the name of a person or project during a certain period. Create picking lists to prepare reservations.

Stock & orders

Maintain an overview through the stock management module. Never order too late with the integrated ordering system.


Plan maintenance, inspections and repairs for your tools and/or rolling stock and attach documents to the right material.

Getting started with MIRA Software

Practical and fast to consult

MIRA Software has three major assets which make it easy to use for your organisation. Our application can be used on smartphones, can be linked to your existing systems and is even more convenient with a smart scanning system.

Mobile use

MIRA can be used on your smartphone or tablet. This also allows you to register and consult on the move. MIRA is available on Android and Apple iOS.

mobile materials management MIRA Software
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Do you already have an existing system, but is it inadequate? Of course, you will register everything in one place only and avoid double work. We will provide a link.

Links to existing software programmes
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Our software works excellent with bar – and/or QR codes for quick and easy registration of usage and consumption. Just like the cash register in the supermarket!

Material management by barcode scanning
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Easy and modern


Link documents, photos, attachments, purchase invoices, certificates, etc. to your tools. Manage the certificates and licences of your material and/or employees.

Extra controls


You decide what is important to you. Each item can be covered by a separate form that lists the items you want to check after using the device.

MIRA Software is a product of IZIT bv

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