Manage your materials
Easily and efficiently

Use MIRA Software to gain insight into the use and consumption of large and small materials in your organisation.

Clear equipment management customised to your needs

MIRA Software consists of four modules that are easy to consult. It is a total package that contains four different modules and ensures smooth and efficient material management within your organisation or company.


Who used something?
Where was it used?
How much of it was used?
How long has it been used?
Where did it break down?
Who brought it back?


Is the device available?
Will the tools be ready in time for use?
Can I use this device for a week or probably several weeks?

Stock & orders

When do we have to resplenish our stock?
What is the current stock situation and what is its actual value?
Where can I find any devices?


What is the maintenance history of my tools?
When should this device be maintained?
Am I allowed to use this device?

Registration materials and tools

Registration module

This module has been kept very simple and the required operations are kept to a minimum. When someone wants to do a check in or a check out, MIRA Software only needs to know two elements: WHO and WHAT? Due to this information, everyone knows who has taken a particular device or machine and when. Thanks to this handy module, material management is logical and you can make analyses of it.

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Reservation module

In order to work together smoothly, it may also be important to book machines or materials for a certain period of time. This simplifies the planning of different works, avoids delays and makes tools to render themselves optimally! Better planning will obviate the need to purchase unnecessary expensive spare materials.

More about Reservation
reservation planning
scanner for stock management

Stock & supply module

With the Stock & order module, you never have to conclude that a particular item is out of stock, while someone urgently needs it! Not only you know who and what, … but ALSO WHERE! This can be useful for post-calculation of yards, projects, training, etc. If an item falls below the minimum stock, you will be notified and even be able to create an automatic order.

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Maintenance module

This module allows the maintenance and/or repairs history of all tools and devices to be managed. By entering a frequency of maintenance once, you will receive an automatic reminder for upcoming maintenance. Other actions such as controls and inspections can be configured in the same way. Still need a sudden repair? This can also be registered. This module contains specific functionalities for managing fleets and can also serve as useful assistance for all kinds of assessments.

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maintenance for machines and devices

MIRA Software is a product of IZIT bv

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